gate4:-stat.ic radio


a project for the international film festival rotterdam 2003.

an automated "scan"-score, for seven motion picture theatres, computer, radio transmitter and 800 receivers.
the present sound in seven theatres is captured and analysed by a computer program that will remix the input to an ongoing wave of sound.
methods of remixing are determined by the amount of films playing in the seven theatres at a certain point in time.

NEW: see us on TV (dutch)
the TV program '5 in het land' (RTL5) has covered our project in their show. you can watch it online at www.rtl5.nl (realmedia).
NEW: see us in the newspaper (dutch)
read the article in the first Daily Tiger (festival paper)

you can listen to -stat.ic radio at the festival site in rotterdam on 107.5 FM.
download a piece of -stat.ic audio here (1.4MB).
little portable 'ear-radios' were available for 2 euro.

the static scanner scans all theatres for movies and counts the amount of movies playing at the specified time.
this is the score that switches the system at appropriate times.
download PDF scan (50kb each) for:

at the start of each movie, you hear a synthetic voice telling you what movie is playing in which theatre and gives a short introduction to each movie. you can listen to one of the 412 generated voices here (130kb).

gate4 at work @ pathe rotterdam

-stat.ic radio is a project by:
--- boris debackere
--- maarten callebert
--- lucas van der velden
--- IFFR exploding cinema group

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